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All About Cupcakes - The 'Halloween Edit'
An Introduction to Birthday Cakes
Time:  9.30am-4pm
Dates: Tuesday 2nd May 2017
Price: £125 per person, 
Venue:  The Woodspeen Cookery School
                  Lambourn Road, Woodspeen, Newbury, RG20 8BN

A thorough foundation course for large cake decorating. Using this versatile, castle themed, birthday cake we will show you how to go from freshly baked cake to a stable and stunning masterpiece. Skills learnt in this intensive class will allow to you to confidently approach any fondant covered cake design.
We start right at the beginning with how to choose an appropriate recipe for a successful cake moving through all of theprofessional stages of preparing your cake for decorating. We will go on to the essentials of working with fondant to cover a cake – giving an overview of the main techniques and when to use them. Having covered your cakes we will work together to transform them into a design of your choosing.  We’ve chosen a castle cake here since it includes a huge variety of useful techniqu
es. We will demonstrate lots of ideas and you can choose which ones you want to try out to make your cake personal to you. As we work we will discuss different brands, equipment and tools t hat are on the market, and those that we recommend.  We’re packing a huge amount into a single day to ensure you get as much value as possible, but we promise lots of cake and coffee to keep your energy up!  You will leave with a full set of notes, tips, tricks an d suppliers; and, of course, your fabulous cake which you may find hard to cut into!
We are passionate about cake and we look forward to sharing with you how rewarding it can be to create cakes that both look and taste amazing.
This class is decorating-centred, but we will happily chat baking and answer any questions you can bring to us.

Techniques covered:
  • Overview of baking sponges, tips and tricks
  • Making buttercream & syrups
  • Torting a sponge cake (leveling and layering ready for filling)
  • Trimming a cake ready for buttercream
  • Crumb coats
  • Covering cakes with fondant
  • Dowelling a cake to support a second (or further) tier
  • Colouring & working with different sugarpastes for a smooth, crack-free, covered cake
  • Decorating techniques for detailing 

No previous experience is required.

Places are limited to ensure we can devote time individulally to mastering these techniques.

Time:   9.30am-1.30pm
Dates: Tuesday, 31st October 2017 
Price:  £70 per person, 
Venue:  The Woodspeen Cookery School

                  Lambourn Road, Woodspeen, Newbury, RG20 8BN

We are running this ever-popular course again in October, and since it's scheduled for Halloween we'll be introducing a little (cute) spookiness to the modelling section!  Cupcakes can have it all – beautiful to look at and to eat and all in a ready -portioned serving so there’s no mess or sharing
involved. However there are definitely cupcakes and cupcakes...
We are passionate about cake and look forward to we sharing with you how easy it can be to create cakes that both look and taste amazing. We will pack as much as we can into this
short class to ensure that you go away with techniques for baking and decorating that apply to all cakes large and small; as well as answering any of those frustrating baking questions that have been preventing your cakes from
stopping shows.

We will cover:
  • Baking perfect sponges
  • Making light and fluffy buttercream
  • Piping buttercream
  • Sugar flowers using various techniques
  • Simple topper modelling
  • Storing and presenting your cupcakes

There will obviously be a cupcake break (with coffee & tea), and we'll provide notes on our tips and techniques to take away.
All equipment and ingredients will be provided.  All you need to bring is yourself and maybe a pen and paper to add to our notes.

No previous experience is required, and we think that even experienced bakers will pick up some new tips.

Places are limited to ensure we can devote time individually to mastering these techniques.  
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