An Evening of Festive Cakery
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Time:  Evening  - 6pm-9pm
Dates: Tuesday 12th December 2017
Price: £70 per person, 
Venue:  The Woodspeen Cookery School
                  Lambourn Road, Woodspeen, Newbury, RG20 8BN

Book yourself a fun evening out and learn something new at the same time.  Join us as we show you the professional secrets to making perfectly polished fondant covered cupcakes - and create your own freshly baked box to indulge your colleagues, friends or family in the run up to the festive season. We will be guiding you through the materials to use and the secret tips that make life so much easier when you know how. This class will start with a demonstration of our method for baking perfect cupcakes. We will then guide you through decorating your own cakes with a complete tool-kit of useful and varied techniques that you can re-use time and again for endless different effects. We will cover stencilling, using lustres, and the creation of cute cupcake characters.  We will also show you methods to use when you need to get ahead – always useful for parties & super important at this busy time of year.  

We will cover:
  • Baking perfect sponges​
  • Making buttercream & syrups
  • Preparing cakes for fondant
  • Stencilling using pearl and metallic lustres
  • Character cupcakes
  • Storing and presenting your cupcakes

No previous experience is required.

Places are limited to ensure we can devote time individually to mastering these techniques.

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