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Time:    9.30am - 4pm
Dates: Thursday 7th December 2017
Price: £135 per person, 
Venue:  The Woodspeen Cookery School
                  Lambourn Road, Woodspeen, Newbury, RG20 8BN

A whole day of cake decorating techniques, including a Woodspeen lunch (and much cake).
Make getting ready for Christmas into an indulgent day of me-time. Join us (Anna & Helen from Kintburys The Kennet House Cake Company) for this festive class that may just change the way you decorate your Christmas cake forever – and perhaps inspire you to turn your hand to more complicated cakes for all future occasions.
Bring along your 8 ” fruit cake (*see notes below) and we will take you, step by step, through the process of preparing, marzipaning and covering your cake with fondant to give it a smooth, professional finish. No tears, creases,elephant skinor snow-scenes here. We will also be showing you how to create so me beautiful faux Christmas roses, glossy, wired berries and realistic sugar foliage.
You will be served with a gorgeous Woodspeen buffet lunch in the middle of the day, and well be keeping your energy up with tea, coffee and of course, cakes throughout the day. At the end of the class you will assemble your pristine cake onto an iced board and we will give you tips to arrange your sugar floristry into an elegant, Christmassy coronet on your cake; finally finishing it off with satin ribbons. You will be able to box your masterpieces and take them home where they will happily last through Christmas and be centre-stage of your festive decoration and dining table. All of these professional techniques are re-usable time and again and we hope we may inspire you to try further cake decorating projects.
We will be passing on lots of our experience on baking issues, tools, techniques and ingredients as well as answering any questions you can bring to us throughout the day.

No previous experience is required.

Please bring your 8” fruit cake. All other ingredients, tools and equipment are provided.

Techniques covered:
  • Preparing a fruit cake for professional decorating
  • Masking with and covering with white marzipan for a perfect undercoat
  • Working with fondant and covereing a cake to a professional standard
  • Covering a cake board
  • Making unwired sugar flowers and foliage
  • Making wired berries
  • Dusting and finishing sugar flowers
  • Assembling an elegant festive cake


  1. Cake.  We do ask you to bring your own 8" fruit cake for this class.  You are very welcome to bring a cake baked to your own recipe – we know that many families have fabulous (and secret) fruit cake recipes passed down through generations. If you don’t have a tried and tested recipe – try ours. We’ll send you our recipe with the joining instructions.
  2. When to bake. We suggest you bake early to give the cake time to mature – perhaps feeding with a little brandy occasionally. We give our wedding cakes 3 months to mature (which would mean baking at the end of September for Christmas), however some would leave it until 'Stir up Sunday’ – November 26th this year, or even later.  If your cake doesnt have much time to mature – donpanic. It will still taste wonderful, but may be a little more crumbly to cut.
  3. Baking questions. Do get in touch if you have any queries when baking your cake for this class. We love a good technical question, and want this year to be your most fabulous Christmas cake yet! 
  4. Different size cake. If your family cake is a different size from our suggested 8just let us know so we can adjust quantities and board sizes for you.
  5. Allergies. If you are unable to use marzipan or alcohol on your cake, let us know so that we can bring along an alternative for you.

                                                                                    [email protected]

Places are limited to ensure we can devote time individually to mastering these techniques.

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